The Little Things Music Project

The Little Things Music Project

About The Little Things Music Project from the artist Carlo Furlan

I have been making music since I was a little tike. Over the years I haver written hundreds of songs and recorded dozens of them – always learning and growing in my craft. And that brings me to this recording endeavor. I have treated this project like an artist working on a masterpiece, spending hundreds of hours to sculpt my best offering, accompanied by the most skilled musicians I can find, recorded at the highest reasonable level. Eleven songs are originals spanning genres from pop worship to pop opera and the twelfth is a modified version of the hymn “Just as I am”. I have completed about ninety percent of the recording process.

Now, I need some help to cross the finish line.

Why this project now?

In the midst of Covid, racial tension, riots, fires, and the most contentious political fight in ages, why bother with music?

  1. I believe the messages in these songs offer much needed hope particularly for this time – and not only for this life, but for the life to come.
  2. If we stop producing art every time crises come the world would be a really ugly place. I want to export beauty and wonder, glory and thanks to combat the fear and anxiety, anger and despair.
  3. Andrew Fletcher, a 17th century writer & politician, wrote, “Give me the songs of a nation and I care not who writes its laws.”  To be blunt, a lot of mainstream music features messages that distort culture and hurt people God so loves. I am compelled to offer an alternative brimming with the grace of Christ.
Where do the proceeds go?

Partnering to bring HOPE!

To bring this music to the world I am asking the community to partner with me to cover the costs of the project. My goal is to raise $4,000. (Each song costs about $300 to record, and the remaining money will go towards promotion and a release concert. It may be a virtual concert recorded for use on the internet). No other church funds are being committed to this project, so this is how we are going to make  it work!

Once completed, 100% of net proceeds from music sales will be split in the following ways: 50% to Childcare Worldwide, a ministry that helps impoverished children find hope, receiving education, care, food, clothing and the good news that God loves them. You can find out more about their ministry here: The other 50% will go toward future Hillcrest sponsored music projects. We see our church as a Hub of Hope and want to keep exporting projects of Hope like this! Thank you for considering partnering with me.

About me:

I have been making music since I was a toddler, writing songs since high school and recording music since college. I am passionate about creating art that moves people to live in hope and love for God and one another. My musical styles are quite eclectic, ranging from pop rock to pop opera, rap to country. I am drawn to all sorts of music, and different songs call for different accompaniments. I have released several albums over the years and served as a worship arts pastor at three churches on the west coast. I am currently a pastor overseeing the arts at Hillcrest Church in Bellingham, WA. I have a wonderful wife and three spirited kids. When I’m not making music or hanging with the fam, I love to play disc golf, pickle ball and mountain bike.

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