A one or two year investment, for a lifetime of encouragement.

At Hillcrest Center for Christian Formation and Leadership we offer a one or two year “Foundations” program for those looking to explore their calling and identity. It provides affordable, rigorous, cohort based learning for one year, alongside emotional and spiritual formation, and practical ministry experience. It aims to equip and inspire students as they transition out of the program and into further education, vocational ministry, the workplace or missionfield.

Program Outcomes

What do we hope you walk away with?

Learn Together

We have partnered with Yellowstone Theological Institute to provide excellent, rigorous, biblical education. Students will take 4 classes per year, ranging from Biblical Interpretation, Christian Theology and Spiritual Practice, to Basic Leadership and Pastoral Care. After two years, students can graduate with a diploma in Christian ministry.

Yellowstone Theological Institute


Grow Together

We aim to develop students who are:

  • Emotionally and spiritually healthy
  • Equipped and empowered to continue growing and maturing in their faith, sense of self,  calling and vocation.
  • Aware of cultural nuances, and how their faith both shapes, and is shaped by them.

Serve Together

Foundations provides the opportunity to serve and engage the local church and community through a wide range of internship tracks. Opportunities include (but not exclusive to) kids, youth, mission and communications.

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At just $5400 per year students gain graduate level Biblical Foundations, partnered with spiritual mentorship and hands-on ministry experience.

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Hillcrest Center for Christian Formation and Leadership (CFL) is a regional training center based at Hillcrest Church in Bellingham, WA. Our heart is to encourage and inspire people to love the world and its people, through deep and thoughtful education, meaningful emotional and spiritual growth, and real-world, transformative experiences.

In addition to presenting lectures throughout the year, in September 2022 we are launching our internship program, “Foundations”. Click the buttons below for more information.


Intellectually deep and thoughtful.

Value #1

We believe that we are always learning and growing, and we place a value on rigorous and intellectual development. We want to be people who think critically and thoughtfully, always asking good questions and exploring ideas.

Servant hearted and generous with our time, thoughts, attitudes, and finances.

Value #2

We hope to develop a mindset of being generous in all areas of our lives, including not only our time and money, but also the way we engage with other people. We recognize that loving our neighbor can also include having generous and compassionate thoughts and attitudes towards those different to us.

Spiritually deep and compassionate.

Value #3

We are committed to loving God with our whole heart, mind and spirit, and we recognize that through this we are called to demonstrate compassion and love to those around us.

Diverse and relational.

Value #4

At the heart of what we do is relationship; with God, with others, with ourselves and with the world. Within that, we value and celebrate the diversity of the Kingdom of God, and believe that this is part of the heartbeat of the follower of Jesus.