The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project

Each year, during the holiday season, Hillcrest has a tradition of collecting money to feed the hungry around us and around the world. Out of grateful hearts for all that has been provided for us we collect coins, bills or checks in our Hunger Project Cups and then turn them in, during the first week of January, to the church office. Together our generosity will bless two organizations this year that count on gifts like ours to keep their nonprofit ministries going! Put your Hunger Project Cup in a prominent place in your home to remind all to be thankful for the MUCH we have and to remember to contribute. Join us in being part of Hunger Project 2021 to bless: Engedi Refuge Center, Community Concern, and The Caribbean Initiative.

Community Concern: Sri Lanka

This Feeding Program in downtown Columbo, Sri Lanka feeds over 150 children each day! They receive both breakfast and lunch which helps them live healthier lives and enables them to concentrate on their studies in school. This will be about the 35th year we have supported this feeding program and usually our gift supplies 5-6 months worth of their food budget. Needless to say, they count on us. Our dollars go a long way in Sri Lanka!

Engedi Refuge Center: Whatcom County

Engedi is a local ministry that provides shelter and training for women who are trying to escape a life of many kinds of abuse. Our friends Aaron and Leah Newcombe have founded and maintained this program for over 10 years now and they have a nationally recognized success rate of 93% of the women that go through their program are able to then able to provide for themselves and live free of the bondage of addiction and slavery. Their food budget is $1000.00 per month and we would love to bless them with at least half a year’s worth of provision!

The Caribbean Initiative: Cuba

Our own Missionary, Jeff David, has a way for us to send much needed food and medical supplies to our Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba who are under the oppression of Cuba’s controlling, anti-Christian, government.

If you would like to support the 2021 Hunger Project with a financial gift,
please give through our online giving page HERE.
Thank you!