HC@Home Groups are groups of 12 or fewer people who gather together in homes to participate in the Sunday morning Hillcrest worship service together.   We recognize  that we can’t all gather together in a large group setting every week right now.  But over the coming months there will be times when we are able to gather in smaller sized groups in backyards and living rooms for Sunday worship.  HC@Home Groups are how we’ll do this.  

These groups will simply gather together on Sunday mornings in a safe manner, turn on the Hillcrest live stream, and then pray, listen, and worship together.  We believe the classic expressions of Christian community, prayer and worship, study, fellowship, outreach, and service can all be facilitated in these smaller sized groups.  We would love for you to be part of one if you are able.

Whether you already have some folks you’d like to gather with, are willing to facilitate a group, or are looking for a group, all the information you need can be found below.  For all remaining questions email us at:  HCHomeGroup@HCBellingham.com


Forming a HC@HomeGroup

Our hope is  that many of our HC@Home Groups will form organically.  We already have people in our lives we have regular contact with, by worshiping with them on Sunday morning we limit our exposure to other households.  So if you have some folks who are already in your life, that you have contact with, we’d encourage you to consider forming a HC@HomeGroup with them.  If you could go ahead to “Register” your group, that way we will know you are gathering for communicate purposes.

We also need people who are willing to host a HC@HomeGroup that is open for others to find.  Not everyone already had pre-established relationships for a group like this and we need folks willing to host.  If you would be willing to do this could you also “Register” your group.  Instructions on how to register your group so that others can find it are included in the tab below.

Registering a HC@HomeGroup

Whether you already have a group of people in your HC@HomeGroup or are willing to host a group open to others it would be helpful to us for you to register your groups.  Instructions are below.  Those instructions will show you how to make your group available to others or not.


  • For Group name, simply put your last name
  • Meeting Day is most likely Sunday
  • Time of Day is most likely morning
  • Meeting Frequency – weekly
  • Choose the start date for the day you create the group
  • In the Group Description write what part of town you meet in, what age range meets in your group, and what time worship service you meet at.
  • Leave topic blank
  • For Maximum Size – If you are open to others finding and joining your group through the online portal mark your group size as 12.  If you have the people in your group you want and are simply letting us know about the group, mark the group size as 1.
  • Location/classroom leave blank.
  • Meeting address – put the nearest cross streets to your home.  I.e. Grant St and York Ave.
  • Meeting City, probably Bellingham or Ferndale
  • State and Zip, fill those in as well.
  • Create a password you can remember



  • The “Teacher” to add is simply the host of the Hillcrest at Home Group.  Whoever is added will receive the communications regarding the group from Hillcrest.  You can add just one person or a couple.
  • If you are already in Churchteams you should be able to search for your name and select it.  If you are not in Churchteams you can add yourself by following the link.



  • Group Type – select HC@Home Group
  • Select your Area of Town the group will be hosted in
  • Lifestage – select the Lifestage that describes the majority of people in your group
  • Gender mix – Select Mixed unless it is a men’s or women’s group only.
Safety and Health for HC@Home Groups

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How to Host a HC@HomeGroup

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Kids and Youth in HC@HomeGroups

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