Mask Guidelines as of 5/16/21

Mask Guidelines as of 5/16/21

First, thank you for walking though this transition season with us. Granted, it’s still a little messy. Nevertheless, we intend to provide freedom and care for our neighbor in the meaningful ways until this hopefully short window comes to and end June 30.


  1. Our staff and volunteers will remain masked for now.
  2. Treasureland Kids and 412 youth gatherings will remain masked for now – Throughout this process we have pegged our decisions to the school system. We feel this has given us the right levels of courageous advancement and caution. Also, most kids and youth either are not or cannot be vaccinated.
  3. We will continue to maintain registration and physical distancing for Sunday worship gatherings.
  4. If you are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional at worship gatherings.
  5. Many may still wear a mask for all kinds of reasons: caution, solidarity, modeling for kids or friends, medical reasons, conviction, or they may not be vaccinated. Let’s be kind and gracious to one another.

Video from some of the lead team explaining our decisions.