Levi Gamble

Levi Gamble

Levi Gamble works two jobs, one as a process engineer at a materials aerospace company in Burlington and the other as a father of two kiddos, Hawkins (4) and Ember (2). Levi has lived in Bellingham since 2008 when he moved here to attend WWU. During that time he was involved with CCF and helped found the North Star (a young men’s Christian house on the north end of WWU’s campus). 

After graduating from Western, he followed a pretty little lady to Hillcrest Chapel and promptly set about to marry her. He is now happily married to Summer Gamble and a part of the community of Hillcrest.

Early on in their marriage, Levi and Summer helped co-lead a young adult ministry at Hillcrest, focused on helping recent grads transition out of college life and into “adult life”. After having their first child, Levi quickly realized he had no idea how to “do adult life” and so stepped back from leading for a while.

Levi served on the Hillcrest nominating committee and he and Summer have taken on co-leading a small group together. He is honored to serve the body of Hillcrest on the council. 

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