Whatcom Jail Ministries

Whatcom Jail Ministries

Whatcom County Jail Ministries

Prayer Points:
  • Successful restoration of full in-facility access for the chaplaincy and the bible studies through flexibility, creativity, and effective cooperation with the Whatcom County Jail administration.
  • Hunger and thirst for Jesus among the inmates and staff.
  • Personal health and safety for the volunteers, the inmates, and the staff.


The preferable way to support this missionary is by making a Hillcrest Faith Promise.
To directly support this missionary send donations to: Whatcom County Jail Ministries, PO Box 936, Bellingham, WA 98227

The origins of Whatcom County Jail Ministries (WCJM) go back over forty years and this ministry has been continuously exclusively providing spiritual resources and support within the local jail facilities through multiple chaplains and numerous bible studies opportunities for both men and women. The lives of literally hundreds of inmates have been deeply blessed and positively impacted by this ministry comprised of 14 chaplains, the nearly 50 PFM volunteers, representing ~30 churches in Whatcom County. Our goal is transformed lives through knowing Jesus Christ.

The WCJM actively recruits volunteers to bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ within the walls of jail confinement. Our volunteers are members of the PRISON FELLOWSHIP (PF) organization and most participate inside the facilities by leading Bible studies. Discipleship is provided one-on-one by the Chaplain corps. Christian literature is a primary focus and is distributed generously to the men and women inmates. Post-release follow-up with inmates and their families is also provided by our team members.

Our partnership with PRISON FELLOWSHIP provides the direction and organization that enables us to expand Christian services to those touched by crime. This local ministry partners with the well-developed PF re-entry program for released Christian offenders and helps assimilate them back as productive members of this community.

Financial support is primarily used to purchase Bibles, other Christian materials and reading glasses for the incarcerated offenders.