Prayer Team

Prayer Team

Prayer Ministry at Hillcrest Church

Prayer is key to church health and vitality.  To exhibit Jesus’ power, we need to know him. To have that kind of intimacy, we need to read his Word and PRAY. Jesus urged his followers to ask, seek, and knock promising that those who did would receive and find, having doors opened to them. (Matt.7:7-8).  The strength and expansiveness of the New Testament Church was built on devotion to prayer (Acts 1:14, 2:42, 6:4. Rom 12:12, Eph. 6:18, Col. 4:2). Hillcrest Church desires to build on that same foundation.

Prayer Requests-

We have a team of people dedicated to praying for people’s daily physical and spiritual needs.  Contact Cynthia – with your request.

Prayer Wall-

We are building a spiritual wall of prayer around Hillcrest Church (Nehemiah 4:13-23).  Prayer Wall volunteers take 30 minutes a week to pray with and for the church in the convenience of their home.  After signing up for a time that works best for you, you will receive a prayer letter by email on Friday mornings (hard copies are also available).  This letter updates monthly and is composed of scripture to mediate on and pray out loud for the church, leaders, ministries, missionaries, sermon series, and events. We have a physical prayer wall in our sanctuary as a reminder that those who have committed to faithfully prayer for us to bring the needs of the church before the Lord.  We encourage you to honor your 30 minute window but not get stuck on it. If you miss a window, just keep praying! Our goal is a praying church not exacting coverage. Contact the church office to sign up – .  

Mens Prayer Meeting

Some of our Men gather in prayer Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM  in the Sanctuary. Contact Carlo at for more info.

Prayer Team-

We have a team that spends time praying for the church before services on Sunday and we also have teams specialized in praying for physical, spiritual, and emotional needs following each service.  

If you have a heart for prayer and feel the Lord has put this call on your life, to serve in this capacity, or even just want to check it out, we have an easy onboarding process we would love to share with you. Please contact Lani Swanson  at for more information.

Day 2 Pray-

We are connected with our City-Wide House of Prayer, Light of the World Prayer Center by taking the 4th Tuesday of the month to pray for our city needs.  Similar to the prayer wall, participants each take 1 hour to pray over the needs of our city in the comfort of their home.  For more information on the Prayer Center check . If you would like to sign up for an hour contact our Prayer Coordinator Jan Tucker

New Wine

This year we are restarting an old habit for Hillcrest – a night of worship and prayer. The plan and program are real simple – create an environment for people to seek and hear from God. We will set the table and open the doors. You are invited to come and see what new love, new vision, new hope, and new wine God has in store for you.

Email for more info.