The Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail


We’re excited for you to start a journey toward God. We believe that God created the entire cosmos and that His plan for all people and things is revealed in the Bible and the life of his son Jesus Christ. This true story is still unfolding and revealing new details every day. So each and every human is eagerly invited to find their place and join a multitude of others on the same transformative adventure!

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What IS the Discovery Trail?

The Discovery Trail is a step-by-step adventure to finding your place in God’s great big story of recovering the entire creation. It is meant for anybody who is searching for answers, considering Jesus, just starting their faith journey, or just simply to invest the time learning again or better the fundamentals of our faith. 

We invite you to find a Trail Guide (somebody who knows Jesus who will do this with you) and get started. Everything you need can be downloaded, viewed or printed from this page!

Discovery Trail
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Discovery Trail
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Trail Guide

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