We're 75 Years old!

We’re in a year of celebrating God’s faithfulness for 75 years! We hope you can join us online or in-person to see what’s coming for the next 75 years!

Small Groups

We believe that following Jesus is best done with other people, and September is the time of year when we warmly welcome new members into our small groups! Check out our fall small group catalog to find a group that works for you.

Judges: Stories of God’s Fierce Grace

Join us for our fall teaching series (starting September 26th) on the book of Judges called “Judges: Stories of God’s Fierce Grace.”

We believe that even when things feel dark God is at work and continuing to act in gracious love, working for the best of his people.

We want to be a community that listens for God’s voice in the entirety of Scripture.

Hillcrest Serves Together

It’s time for us start re-finding our places to serve alongside each other in this shared mission. Check out high priority opportunities below!

Get Connected

There are many ways to get connected to our Hillcrest family!

From volunteering
to joining a small group,
we’d love to help find an
area you enjoy.