Moses and the Exodus

Moses and the Exodus

Man and woman however, chose to rebel against God and make themselves the center of their lives.  This caused a spiritual fracture between them and God, shame invading their hearts, blame between one another, and creation groaning.  The Scriptures call this rebellion against God ‘sin’. It is in every one of us and distorts our relationships with our own hearts, with one another, and with all creation.

God, out of his love for his Image Bearers and his creation, did not leave them in this state but commenced his rescue mission and began revealing his Rescue Hero. 

3. After many years God called one man, Abraham, and promised that through his descendants the effects of sin would be undone and blessing would take the place of suffering. Through Abraham, the people of Israel was born, out of which his Rescue Hero called the Messiah would come.

4. Israel became entrapped and oppressed as slaves in Egypt.  God heard the cry of the oppressed Israelites and acted to rescue them.  This rescue, called the Exodus, defined the people as holistically rescued by God.  Through Moses God brought the people out of slavery. God formed a relationship with them, dwelt among them, taught them to follow him, and brought them into a homeland.  God did this so that they could be his Rescue Mission People for the world.