Creative Arts — Call for Art

Creative Arts — Call for Art

Call for Art:

Hello! Late this fall Hillcrest will be going through a sermon series titled “Water, Bread, Blood, and Fire.” The big idea of this series is that we want to look at these four key images and the way they thread through the biblical story. We can talk about the entire Story of redemption—from creation, to Israel, to Jesus, to the New Creation when we look at each of these images. We want to bring in both art and experience to this image driven series. God uses image and metaphor to bring the reality of spiritual truth to our lives. He doesn’t merely use cold analytical philosophical language, but there is an invitation into the beauty and mystery of scripture. 

Vision: We’re inviting everybody in the church to create and submit pieces of original artwork that reflect any one (or all four) of the themes of water, bread, blood, and fire. 

Artwork will be displayed in the Fireside Room, and/or possibly shared with the congregation during a service, or shared within the context of a small group setting.

All ages and skill levels welcome: Everybody is welcome to submit their original visual artwork or creative writing.

Specifically to focus on any one or all of these 4 key images: All artwork submitted must portray words, ideas, or imagery on any or all images of water, bread, blood, and fire. Realistic, abstract, or symbolic interpretations are welcome! 

Types of artwork that you can submit: Two-dimensional artwork on canvas, paper, wood, etc., three-dimensional sculpture of wood, metal, clay, etc., framed poem or spiral bound short story. 

For the performing arts: music, dance, or drama that aligns with any of the water, bread, blood, or fire images, contact Carlo with any ideas for entry.

Entry Limit: Up to four (4) of the water, bread, blood, and/or fire images per person. 

Deadline for submission: October 24th, 2022. 

No submissions can be accepted after Monday, October 24th @ 4pm.
It takes time for our volunteers to prepare, arrange, and hang artwork; they need to have all artwork submissions in hand to design the exhibit.

Where to bring art: Drop off finished artwork at the church office anytime before the deadline, between Monday-Thursday 9-4pm.

When will it be displayed? October 30th, 2022-January 8th, 2023.


All entries must meet the following requirements:

  • Relates to any one or all of the four images of water, bread, blood and/or fire.
  • Be permanently labeled (somewhere hidden, like on the back) with your name and phone number
  • Be ready to hang (for 2-dimensional work). Must have securely-attached hardware, like a wire stretched between two eyelet screws. If your work is on foamcore, Hillcrest will make hangers on the back for you.
  • Have a signed Artist Release Form
  • Have an Art Entry Sheet taped to the front of your submission
  • Have an Artist Statement, 150 words or less, printed and taped to the back of your artwork
  • A copy of your Artist Statement emailed to Mary Margaret Brotherton
    by October 24th, 2022, by 4pm.
  • Dropped off at the church office before 4pm, October 24th, 2022.


Notice: Hillcrest Church staff reserves the right to not display any submission that:

  • Is not submitted on time or does not meet all of the submission requirements: signed artist release form, art entry sheet, artist statement, or any artwork that is not ready to hang/display.
  • Contradict or misrepresent Hillcrest Church’s values to Love God, Grow Together, Care for the World (for example, do not include: symbols of political or other organizational affiliation, profanity, hate, violence, sexually explicit or suggestive material.)
  • May potentially fall apart, break, or disintegrate over the course of the display. This includes frames that are not sturdy enough to handle the duration of the sermon series.

Please note that Hillcrest Church serves a wide audience that includes children and people in trauma and recovery. 

A word of encouragement: whatever you decide to create in response to “Water, Bread, Blood, and Fire”, invite Jesus to meet you in that space. He just wants to spend time with you, and any spark of creative inspiration He gives you is worth exploring with Him.

Need help? Got a question?
Contact Mary Margaret Brotherton