Faith Promise

Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is a monthly financial commitment that you can choose to make to support the missionaries who are a part of Hillcrest’s missionary network who serve locally and in many countries all over the world.

You can click here to meet the missionaries we support as a church community and learn about the ways they are serving around the globe. We encourage you to prayerfully consider how to get involved, either through renewing an existing Faith Promise commitment or making this kind of commitment for the first time.

You can find our giving option below through the Hillcrest specific giving portal. The Hillcrest Donor Portal will allow you to set-up and manage a complete individual/family giving profile connected singularly to Hillcrest. We deeply encourage you to set this up as an ACH account instead of credit card to help avoid significant fees. Every bit counts and our Generosity multiplies our Capacity!

Hillcrest Donor Portal

Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting the work that God is doing locally and globally through Hillcrest Church!