Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

marriages matter

Hillcrest Church cares about marriages. Amidst the ups and downs, the struggles and the strengths, all marriages need encouragement and support.

Here’s a few ways we want to foster healthy marriages:

Marriage Mentoring

The Marriage Mentor program. Couples request a mentor couple to come alongside them through life issues they are facing. See video below!

For more information email

The Pre-Engagement Course

This program is for couples at a time in their relationship when they are starting to ask tough and important questions about their future together. Through readings, exercises, and discussions with their partner in a group setting led by a guiding couple, Pre-E seeks to engage, challenge, and encourage couples to seek God’s wisdom and guidance for their relationship. This 10 week course covers many aspects of marriage, including communication, family background, sexual intimacy, and money in a fun and safe environment. In Pre-E, guiding couples prayerfully share their own lives, ask questions, and give their best advice to foster God-focused relationships moving towards marriage. 

DETAILS: The Pre-E program runs each quarter in small groups of 2-3 couples. If you are interested or have questions, please email

the Marriage course

This is a series of conversations to help engaged couples build strong foundations for their future together. Over five sessions you will learn more about communication, understanding and appreciating your differences, and prepare for potential challenges. This group is open to all couples: young and old, first time or previously married, church or community members. Email: with questions.

marriage mentorship

Hillcrest loves the Marriage Mentorship Program! For more information email

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