Worship Arts

Worship Arts

God is creative – at His very core He is the Master Artist. Think about it – the first thing He did in time was create! The ability to create is a delightful aspect of being made in His image. Therefore, be it through passionate songs of worship, elegant dances, colorful backdrops, poignant paintings, descriptive writings or whatever other imaginative art we dream up, we at Hillcrest endeavor to co-create with God for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom.

We have several different artistic ministries under the umbrella of Creative Worship Arts at Hillcrest:

  • Adult worship team
  • Youth worship team
  • Sound & Tech team
  • Createam – stage design & graphic arts
  • Hillcrest Creates Events: (meeting regularly to produce art)
  • Dance opportunities

If you appreciate the arts and enjoy using them to express truth, we would love to meet with you and see how we could partner together in Hillcrest’s mission to love God, grow together and care for the world.  

Email our Pastor of Creative Arts if  you would like to learn more or if you want to join one of the teams: Carlo.F@HCBellingham.com

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