2022 Israel Itinerary

2022 Israel Itinerary

2022 Hillcrest Israel Trip
June 18 – July 3
Christian Lindbeck and Tim Knipp

Overview: This two week journey through the land of the Bible will focus on both Old and New Testament sites.  Starting in Jerusalem and heading toward Galilee, each day has been carefully planned to allow us to spend quality time at every site and really experience the land of Israel. We want you to both experience key sites as well as have a feel for the land as a whole.  We will conclude our trip with a final dinner all together in the Mediterranean Seaport of Jaffa before we head west ourselves. This land has been incredibly impactful to both of us (Christian and Tim) in understanding Scripture and following Jesus. We are genuinely excited to share this experience with you.

June 18 Leave Vancouver, Canada (YVR) or Seattle (SEA)

June 19 Arrive in Tel Aviv (TLV), take our bus to Ein Bokek on the Dead Sea

June 20  God as our Shelter – Tent, Oasis, Fortified City

  • On our first full day in the land of Israel we will be introduced to the reality of the desert wilderness, its heat and intensity.  We will talk about Abraham, the Israelites in the Wilderness, and David. Through it all we will see how the desert illuminates the key Biblical idea of God as our shelter. We end the day swimming in the Dead Sea. 

June 21 – Lessons from the Desert 

  • Today we journey through time and history in some of the most dramatic places on earth. From the Dead Sea to the top of fortress Masada; through the Oasis of En Gedi to the caves of Qumran. You will never forget this day that ends ascending 4, 400 feet up to Jerusalem!

June 22 –  Where God Put His Name:  OT Jerusalem

  • On our first full day in Jerusalem we will begin in the Old Testament city of Jerusalem known as the City of David.   We will see this incredible site where God chose to reveal himself to the world. Prepare not only to look with your eyes but with your feet, as we walk through a 2500 year old water tunnel and underground passages near the Temple.

June 23 –  Jesus in Jerusalem

  • For our second full day in Jerusalem we will look at the sites associated with Jesus in Jerusalem.  We will start our day on the Temple Mount, see the most likely site of his death and Resurrection, and stand in one of the places we can say with 100% certainty he stood.

June 24 –  Jesus around Jerusalem

  • This day we will begin to look at key areas around Jerusalem.  We will begin on the Mt. of Olives where so many key events in Jesus’ life took place.  In the afternoon we will head south to Bethlehem, the surprising birthplace of the Messiah.

June 25 – Shabbat

  • From sundown on June 24th to sundown on Saturday, we will join the people of Jerusalem in Shabbat or sabbath. Beginning and ending in shared meals, this day we provide a much needed break in the middle of this trip and reinforce the rhythms of rest and work. Use the day to listen, to stroll the ancient streets and to be still before the Creator God in the city in which he revealed himself in the flesh of Jesus Messiah. Optional Trip to the massive and impressive Israel Museum. 

June 26 – Samaria and the Ark

  • The northern hill country is critical in both the Old and New Testament.  In the Old Testament it was the northern kingdom of Israel, in Jesus’ day it was called Samaria.  One of the most popular stops from trips past has been Shiloh, where the Tabernacle once stood. From here we follow the path of history and the Ark of the Covenant through the life of Samuel down to the Valley of Elah where David faced Goliath and the Ark rested in Beth Shemesh. 

June 27 – Heading North

  • Midway through our trip we shift gears and head north towards Galilee.  On the way we will stop at the Mediterranean Port of Caesarea Maritima. This will be our first stop of the trip on the Mediterranean Sea, an incredible site where Herod the Great created a world class harbor where no natural harbor existed.  From there we proceed up to Mount Carmel where Elijah made his stand and survey the Jezreel Valley for the first time. 

June 28 –  Ministry of Jesus in Galilee: Day 1

  • This morning we will start our first full day in the Galilee perched high above it all on the peak of Mt Arbel. This rocky outcrop lets us look over the entire sea, envision Jesus’ ministry in the region and set our course before hiking down the face to visit Jesus’ hometown of Capernaum, Magdala, the Mt. Of Beatitudes and more. This will be a day you never forget.

June 29 – The Identity of Jesus: Galilee Day 2

  • On this iconic day, we trace the roots of the man Jesus Christ from the shores of Galilee to the places where he lived, worked, and revealed himself as God. When you stand in Nazareth and confess the one who from this city changed the universe, your faith will be challenged and grounded in new and remarkable ways.

June 30 –  Following Jesus Messiah: Galilee Day 3

  • This day we will explore the northern reaches of the land of Israel.  Perhaps to be surprised by Mt. Hermon, the highest mountain in the land, Caesarea Philippi, where Peter declared Jesus the Messiah, and glimpsing the road from Israel to Damascus.

July 1 –  Back to Jerusalem!

  • We will spend our final night back in Jerusalem.  On our way we will touch on key sites down the Jordan Valley, from the historic river to Jericho.  We have a special surprise in store for our final evening in Jerusalem.

July 2 –  Wonderful Final Day in the Holy Land

  • See those last couple sites in Jerusalem you haven’t seen yet.  Then we will head to Tel Aviv together for a final meal overlooking the Mediterranean before we head home.
  • Fly out just after midnight – July 3.

July 3  Arrive Vancouver (YVR) or Seattle (SEA)