Israel Tour

Israel Tour

Welcome to the 2022 Israel Tour Info Hub!

This is the best place to find the most up-to-date information on the TOUR, REGISTRATION, and LINKS to MORE!

We are excited to be taking this trip with you. Space is hard limited to 40 people and we are nearing that point on initial interest.  If you are interested, we recommend you contact us soon.

Key Details:

  • Dates: June 17 – July 2nd (On the ground in Israel June 18 – July 1)
  • 14 Days! 14 days on the ground walking, talking, praying, laughing, and growing on the ground where Jesus lived. This tour has a thoughtful pace, allowing us to really experience the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the land. We have a bias to important places and take the time to enjoy them. To that we add, uncrowded buses and as little time on the bus as possible. Come ready to actually put your feet on the ground in Israel! Check out the itinerary section below.
  • Cost: $2,930 per person   – A $500 Deposit will hold your place.  We began accepting deposits on February 1, 2021.
  • Coverage: Parks, entrance feestours, tour guides, bus, driver, hotels, transfer, breakfast, dinner, and ALL tips are already included.  There are even a few surprises. Airfare, lunches, souvenirs and other incidentals are not covered.
  • All participants must purchase Medical Travel Insurance. One option we recommend is only $30 and available at
  • Flights: Christian Lindbeck and Tim Knipp will be flying from Seattle midday on June 17, and leaving Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv at 12:30 – 4:30AM on July 2nd. We will post specific details when we book these tickets. We also HIGHLY recommend you book the same flight and travel with us. However, if you choose to travel on your own or wish to connect to other destinations, please be at Ben Gurion Airport by 3:00PM on the afternoon of June 18th and plan your exit to correspond when the bus will be arriving back at Ben Gurion Airport at 9:15PM on July 1st. Specific flights will be posted ASAP. Plan to spend between $900-$1400 on flights.
  • Hosts: Christian Lindbeck and Tim Knipp with our expert on-site guide Andre Moubarak.



  • Registration is OPEN
    • Deposit is not required to register.
    • But only a $500 deposit will hold your spot. If registration starts to fill, undeposited registration may slip into a standby position.

Preparatory Classes OPEN to ALL Interested

Geography | Language | Culture

  • Map Classes:
    • 7:30 PM on Monday nights in the Commons
    • April 12 – June 7, except May 31
    • A really great opportunity for anyone interested in the land of the Bible.  This is open to the whole church.
    • Resources recommended for the class:
      • 1 – A new set of Regional Study Maps
        2 – A copy of Regional Study Guide
        3 – A copy of Regions on the Run (this can be borrowed or shared)
        4 – Colored pencils or pens for map marking

        So everyone needs to order their own new set of Regional Study Maps and the Regional Study Guide. These two are important. The third item, Regions on the Run, is a small book that is a nice extra. You can also borrow a copy of Regions on the Run from someone who did the class previously or you could also share a copy with someone else if you wanted.
        If you are only purchasing the first two items (Regional Study Maps and Regional Study Guide) you can get them here:
        (Just a heads up, the Regional Study Guide is a downloadable 108 page document. You can print it but it will take some paper.)If you want to do those AND the Regions on the Run book, go to this link which will show you how to get a discount for buying all three.…
  •  Tour Group Meetings – 1.5 hours
    • May 2nd at 12:30 Hillcrest Church
      • 7 weeks before departure
    • June 6th at 12:30 Hillcrest Church
      • 2 weeks before departure

More information 

Weather – Late June/July Averages

  • Desert: 98 Day – 66 Night
  • Jerusalem: 87 Day – 65 Night
  • Galilee: 92 Day – 72 Night

Video, Images, Etc. 

2019 Tour Videos: 

Promo and Informational Videos: